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Standards Council
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BSA Standards Council Committees 2017

Brand Standards Committee:

The objective of the brand standard team is to provide best practices for brand representation, guidelines and communications of your brand online and in printed and visual material and when making brand comparisons,  showing compatibility or references to other brands.


The standards apply to Company Brand related assets including content, logos, trademarks, phrases and in conjunction with product images.


13-14 Brand Guideline and Standard

Committee Members:
Gayle Taylor - Smead
Bill Erpelding – Supplies Network
Amy Shipman  - Hewlett Packard


Education Committee:

To ensure that all industry tiers(wholesale, manufacturer, dealer, 3PV's, content providers etc) are aware of BSA standards and best practices by communicating on a regular basis. We will create and conduct training for all tiers so that standards and best practices can be implemented easily and properly. 


Chair:  Dawn Austin, Pentel


Committee Members:

Harpreet Mannan, Hewlett Packard

Mike Metchikoff, OPMA



Images Standard Committee:

To Facilitate Exchange of Images Develop a standard for the exchanging of images between partners. The goal of the standard is to reduce the need for the manual comparison of images currently required to identify those that are out-of-date and in need of replacement.


11-14 Synchronization of Image Standard


Chair:  Robert Wainberg, Avery Products Corporation

Committee Members:

Travis King, S. P. Richards Company


Infographics Committee:

Establish best practices and recommendations for developing product images (“infographics") that include graphic depiction of key product features or attributes. These recommendations will include examples of infographics for major categories in OP and business equipment, where imagery plays an important role communicating benefits and selling the product.

Establish a standard around what information should and should not be represented as part of an infographic.


12-14 Infographic Standard


Chair:  Gayle Taylor, Smead


Committee Members:

Michael Hauck, Essendant

Travis King, S.P. Richards

Pam Narum, 3M

Cheryl Wittenstein, ACCO

Jim Kowalczyk, ACCO

Steven Glass, Midwest Resource Group

Harpreet Mannan, Hewlett Packard


Print Cartridge Definitions and Usage Committee:

The intention of this committee is to expand on the work that was done for the Remanufactured Cartridge Definition, creating definitions for all cartridge classes. The goal is to eliminate customer confusion by creating a common printing supplies taxonomy.


10-14 Print Cartridge (Replaces 09-13 Defining a Remanufacturered Cartridge)


Chair: Amy Shipman, Hewlett Packard


Committee Members:

Mike Souter, Clover

Steve Noyes, Clover

Monte White, Supplies Network

Bill Erpelding, Supplies Network

Matt Barkley, Hewlett Packard


Product Attributes Committee:

Develop best practices for grouping detailed color names by master colors for improved, simplified filtering on websites and an enhanced shopping experience that presents a full set of offerings to the consumer and helps them find the desired product more quickly. Preserve detailed colors in category filtering where it is required to accurately communicate product color and present detailed colors on product pages and in compare features in all categories. Explore best practices for additional attributes where improvements can be widely supported and implemented for the benefit of consumers, dealers, wholesalers and manufacturers.


15-14 Color Attribute Filtering Standard


Chair: Cheryl Wittenstein, ACCO Brands


Committee Members: 

April Fabian, S.P. Richards

Amy Shipman, Hewlett Packard


Universal Product Code Standard Committee:

To establish a more effective, Universal Product Code explore using UPC code as an alternative to the wholesaler number to identify unique products within the industry. The goal is to reduce the level of errors and confusion in the identification if unique products.  Given the potential systems implications of this effort, this is seen as a longer term initiative.


Chair:  Robert Wainberg, Avery


Committee Members:

Michael Hauck, Essendant

Brian Ernst, ECi

Dee King, S.P. Richards and participant in OPIDS, Representative from Hon


Video Best Practices Council Committee:

 The Video Best Practices Council will review the existing standard with an eye towards making recommended updates.  The committee will also document industry best practices and capture these recommendations in a secondary document that will supplement the standard.  Best practices will be a “living” document, regularly reviewed and updated.  It is expected that with each review of the Best Practices document, its recommendations may either migrate to the standard, or be discarded entirely.


14-14 Video Standard (Replaces 02-12 Video Standard)


Chair: Michael Hauck, Essendant


Committee Members:

Harpreet Mannan – Hewlett Packard

Steven Glass – Midwest Resource Group


XML Standard Committee:

The XML Standard Committee will define an XML format (schema) for transporting product content from one organization to another.  (For example: supplier to wholesaler, supplier to retailer, wholesaler to 3PV.)

The goal will be to provide content:

  •  In a manner that is consistent and predictable
  • With enough Meta data to define how content should be consumed
  • but that is flexible enough to accommodate the wide array of product categories in our industry and the changing nature of digital product content requirements.

In the committee’s first phase, more emphasis will be placed on the file format (schema) than on constraints around the actual content it contains.


Chair:  Michael Hauck, Essendant


Committee Members:

Robert Wainberg, Avery

Brian Ernst, ECi

April Fabien, S.P. Richards

Paul McKinney, Eakes


BSA is a trade association that represents manufacturers, wholesalers, manufacturer representatives in the business products and related industries. We strive to develop high industry standards, best practices and technological advances to promote the growth and success of our members through networking, education and innovative ideas.

Thank You to Our BSA Partners!

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